Screenings, Exhibitions & Publications

November 2010
Solo Exhibition at Diamond Dolls, London

September 2010
Solo Exhibition at PomPom, London

November 2009
Solo exhibition at Tatty Devine, London

August 2009
Curating a special exhibition/event Art on Fashion: I have asked artists and desigers to create an image which will be offered as a limited edition of screen-printed t-shirts and tops as well as exhibiting the original designs.
The event included a video screening- amongst other videos, Georgina Starr’s ‘The Bunny Lake Collection’ from the artists Bunnny Lake series, first enacted, performed and filmed at the Venice Bienalle .
The creatives involved in the event all have an impressive resumes, academic backgrounds in Fine Art, Fashion Design, Photography and other creative fields and work across different media. The following artists have produced an image for the event:
The Broken Hearts& Rob Flowers, Los Angeles-based Sarah Brannon of Chelsea Rebelle, Berlin-based Faye Smith and her label Fay Alice, Rosalind Davis (RCA), Rome-based Jessica Harris, Paul Noble, Kagami Shinohara, Georgina Starr, and Ronald Wright.
T-shirts and artworks are available on

June 2009
Creation of the animation ‘Du kannst nicht immer schimmern, mein Spatz- dirty control bootleg‘, commissioned for a shortened online/ TV- version of an audio-play about (construction, lack and loss of) personal identity in reference to blogging and how we facilitate new media and user-generated content for self-expression- it is written by critically acclaimed German author Jörg Albrecht for German TV/ Radio channel ARD (equivalent of BBC1) and Bayrischer Rundfunk.
Click here to see the work.

March 2009
Solo exhibition Carnivale at Jessica Harris, Leopardessa, Rome

January 2009
Traveling Group exhibition ‘DON‘T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!‘ curated by Norwegian author Edy Poppy at Litteraturens Hus, Oslo (Norway)

June 2008
Visuals for
Phonofix performance “Sternstaub Goldfunk Silberstreif” at Peng (Gesellschaft zur Foerderung von Design, Kunst und Kommunikation)Mainz, Germany

Screening of “Myxomatosis” and “Solitude” at Upside Down (The Selfish Selection) film screening, Tokyo, curated by
Kagami Shinohara

February 2008
Group exhibition
“DON‘T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!“ curated by Norwegian author Edy Poppy
at Gardenstudio Gallery, Berlin

February- March 2008
Solo exhibition of photographs and animation at Jessica Harris‘ Leopardessa, Rome

June 2007
Screening a selection of my video and animation work at a fashion show
Imagozine in Ontario, Canada

July 2005
Screening ” Girls and Guns” as part of a group exhibition in Lyon.

August 2004
Screening ” Wassilissa” at The Clerkenwell Film and Video
Festival (Patrons of the festival included film-maker Ken Russell and actor David Thewlis)

November 2003
Screening ” Canary Yellow” at The Clerkenwell Film and Video Festival

July 2002
Screening ” Canary Yellow” at Beta Filmfestival Berlin

June 2002
Contribution for Australian artist
Kathy Temin’s “A Magazine (as part of my Kylie collection)”