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Imaginary shadow creatures in dark woods

cross a moon river in pouring rain,
diamond tears of La Belle , silently fall upon her blue velvet dress
a room of opaque air, outside the castle thunderous roars of La BĂȘte.

Lightning clouds violently hiss fire and ice
above the stars, an infinite dark sky.
I have monochrome bunnies on videotape,
an illusion in cyan, magenta, yellow and key.

Anthropomorph birds in feathery leotards,
locked in a landscape, half garden half jail, spread their wings
as they wake up in dreams, goats emerge from impenetrable rock,
in mirrored mountain clefts and melting glaciers.

In an instant lightning bubbles and distorted reflections shatter
all returns to emptiness, a mirage in a distant barren land
where once owls were singing an absurd symphony
to spin discord and misery into failing wisdom of neon gold.