There are conflicting tales as to whether she was born to European parents on an intercontinental flight under the starlit skies above Europe on the same date as Henry Darger or if indeed she was left in a leopardfur(faux)-lined basket amongst an equal amount of Fabergé and Kinder Eggs by a Russian Easter Bunny to the sound of fierce winds in the uncanny forests of Twin Peaks, Transylvania.

Fastforward a happy fairytale childhood later, spent sleeping, dreaming, drawing, collecting figurines, writing songs and recording analogue podcasts and twisted schizo plays with her imaginary friends on a fisherprice tapemachine when not balletdancing or rollerskating - her feline guardian Pascha always at her side, in a DIY-tutu or custom-made rollerskates as required - Verena Paloma Jabs would soon, post early earthyears - and Pascha’s passing on- attend Chelsea College of Art and Berlin University of the Arts, and has since lived and worked in London.

About the work:

Verena Paloma Jabs’ work explores the imagery of fairy-tales, dreams and nightmares as well as being a reflection of the transient beauty of existence and nature.

The artwork conveys a child-like narrative set in dystopian landscapes, naïve wonderlands, dark dreamscapes, and uncanny woods, where entities mutate, meander, are permanently afloat, in every instant, all sense of unified selves eradicated. Humanoid bunnies meet bunnymen in the echoing dreamscapes, where no restrictions to creation can be found.

While the imagery depicted and language used might convey a notion of escapism, there is a darker, geo-political aspect to the work, as the artist also hints on issues related to climate change, the possible destruction and devolution of what we have known as our four seasons for centuries if not millennia. Much of Verena Paloma Jabs’ past body of work, in the media of photography, animation, video and performance, stems from an interest in and research into modern science and aspects thereof, such as cloning, which may at first seem paradoxical given the interest in fairytales and ancient myths- both however relate directly to our collective expression of fears and desires, present and past.



DISCLAIMER: All imagery is the intellectual property of Verena Paloma Jabs and must not be reproduced without permission.